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I have the distinction of having been kicked off Fanfiction.net twice for my naughty Peter Pan fanfics.....no mean feat!!.....they are all now archived at my website, both the naughty and the nice, so pay a visit if you care to. My website for for the actor James Murray is now a part of my fanfiction archive, but without the large picture galleries at this time.

As well as Primeval(2007) and Beauty and the Beast(2012) I'm also taking on board a host of new series......
Preacher(2016) - brilliant, scary, funny supernatural series.
Killjoys(2015) - SF adventure series about bounty hunter.
Dark Matter(2015) - SF adventure series about mercenaries that wake up without their old memories or personalities.
Good Witch(2015) - unashamedly fluffy feel good series with a hint of witchiness.
Zoo(2015) - SF end of the world where the animals finally start to fight back.
Fortitude(2015) - Thriller with a smidge of SF and lots of spooky/murder mystery and notable cast.
I'm also rewatching JAG, Miss Marple, The Mentalist....and on it goes.