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Yup.  Very profound title for a long overdue posting.   I mention about the months passing because, quite unbelievably, it is only a couple of months away from the first anniversay of my beloved mother's demise.  I can't honestly believe that I've survived almost a year without her.  Admitedly her passing was obscenely quick from a very short illness, and from the moment she became no longer compus mentus it took only five days for her to drew her last breath, but there was always hope. That great big hill of hope. But it wasn't meant to be.  She lived 87 years with her foot permanently pressed to the gas pedal, at full pelt, with hardly a let up. We likened her to the energizer Bunny of the tv ads, always moving, always bobbing up and down, never still. Not entirely true, of course, but she gave the impression of boundless energy and an inexhaustible will to be doing something - idleness was an anathaema to her.  It was always expected that she'd outlive us all, but as my brother said - she'd more than earned a rest.

So life goes on, depressingly so. You think you won't survive but you do, you keep waking up and doing the things that keep you going. You take care of those left behind - our household is only three now and my Dad is about to celebrate his 90th in a week or so.  I am now Mum - I do all that needs to be done around the house whatever it is and I don't mind that.   We all need to be useful.
I have a job...sort of.  I was offered a short term contract over the Christmas/NewYear period and worked for five weeks straight, which was great and a boost to the bank balance.  Since then they've kept me on their books with about 4 days work a month at five hours a day - doesn't sound like much, but it all adds to the pittance the government supplies, so I can pay more off my debts and bring them down again.  It may lead to a more permament position, so fingers crossed.
I've started writing again - found a fandom that inspired me - Zoo (CBS 2015) - only ran for three seasons, but it was enough to inspire two epics (100,000 words and over) and another WIP, which I'm happy to work on.  Makes a change from colouring in and costume making. Also enjoying revisiting the Stargate fanfiction that I was reading when I was made redundant back in 2015.  Had a reasonable Christmas with all the family around, and now looking forward to Dad's party.  I've also got back into baking - another "Mum" role I've taken over.  Made three cakes for Dad's birthday = Tropical fruit cake (to be iced), a spice/marzipan cake and a Cherry Crown cake (one of dad's faves) plus I made a double batch of Rock Cakes as they are my sisters favourite(she asked nicely) for this weekend.   Looking forward to sampling them to see if they're any good!!
So, how has life changed -  I don't shop as much, don't visit the Op shops nearly as much, I don't spend money unless its completely unavoidable, I do spend too much time on the computer, but its often only reading or writing, I sleep to much - I sometimes think I suffer a form of narcolepsy - I do work, but not more than I can handle, I'm not as stressed in some area, more in others,  I garden more than I used to - even brought flowers and potted/planted them up!!  I bake more, colour in less, still like pretty fabrics but only make about one gown a year,  still correspond and keep up with my friends, but don't spend as much time at forums and websites as I used to, I still crush on James Murray and keep my website to him up to date, still keep adding to my fanfiction website as well, I have a new crush - Billy Burke - and often am susprised at how many of my favourite actors are close to my age now.  I'm 57 later this year and that is also surprising.....it just is, don't ask me why.
I'm having a love hate relationship with music at the moment...can't get enthused by anyone and preferring nostalgia in some cases to current works.  I am a paradox.

Well, that's about it....oh, and I'm spending more time on twitter (stalking) tumblr, instagram(stalking) and facebook and finding all sorts of great things on Pinterest that I wasn't expecting.  Still in love with the internet.  It is my solace.

Time drags when you're unemployed

So, been a year since I was made redundant.   It's been a loooooooooong year.

I caught up on some writing, finished some long overdue fics (still have some needing to be finished *sigh*)
I rediscovered my love of colour and jumped on the craze for Adult Colouring In to distract myself from thinking
too hard about the hours passing.  It also helped with the depression and frustration from no response from job applications sent every week with no feedback or interviews.
Combined with no money, my mum having to help out with basics and a general, creeping malaise it's been an up-and-down year.
Hopefully a great deal of that will be behind me soon.  I went for an interview and should find out this week or next if I have the job.  I also went to a Steampunk meeting last month for the first time in a looooong time, and then went to a Steampunk event at the Dargaville Museum to add some colour and interest at their invitation - along with several members of our group - which was fun despite the appalling wind and rain.
So I am slowly digging myself out of my own Slough of Despond and hoping for good news very soon.

A Year on...

Gosh, didn't realise it had been this long since I posted.

Ah well.  Thought I'd pop in and announce it's been a year now since I lost my
job at the call centre (I was made 'redundant' - not that it makes is any easier)
....didn't really think I'd still be unemployed a year down the  track, but I suppose
it's just as well we can't see into the future, huh!!

On a more positive note, I've been writing again, finishing a couple of WIP that
have been outstanding for an embarrassing amount of time (*cough*years*cough*)
and I've been keeping myself entertained inbetween job hunting with Grown-up
Colouring In.....yup, I'm reliving my childhood with  felt pens and line drawings.


also I updated my Windows7 computer to Windows10 earlier this year - a good  move? I hear you ask...
well, maybe if you only use the Apps Microsoft download for you to use.....
Just spent the best part of a week trying to get my computer to run right, and after
cleaning it up (and discovering one of those nasty trojans hiding on it - the ones being targeted
at Europe and Australia the last couple of weeks), changing some  of the hardware
(cordless mouse was faulting), did a strip out and reseat of EVERYTHING  and then
reloading Win10 back to factory settings with no extra software downloads......
it might just be working a bit better.....(it was not restarting properly after 'hanging' and
mouse freezing, BSOD, POST, and other stuff too numerous to figure out)

we'll see.......*double sigh*....might still need a new C:drive replacement dedicated harddrive.

thank goodness for a sister well versed in computer hardware, a laptop for back up and
the necessary muscles to haul the 'boat anchor' up and down the stairs (I live upstairs,
sis lives downstairs).

now I have to catch up on a couple of days of emails and facebook, LJ and twitter....
could take a bit...

cheers for beer and Bob's your Uncle........

Happy, happy birthday, dearest Kristen

Dearest Kristen,  hope you are having an wonderful day....

Lots of hugs and best wishes for your birthday. x x x x

Happy Birthday dearest girl

Hoping you are having a wonderful day kristen_mara

thinking of you on your special day *hugs*

Louise x x x x

Huge, huge news

I have a job.

To put this in perspective, before you run away or roll your eyes, the last time I was in any sort of employment was eight years ago.....2005 to be exact.  Prior to that I was last in full time work 21 years ago.......when my eldest was born.

So, it's been awhile.

I'm still smiling.

I'm not doing a 40 hour week as yet, but in the wisdom of WINZ a 30 hour week constitutes a full time job (go figure) but eventually  I will be doing the full monty, so I'm not complaining.

It's been an intense week as we have had to cram six weeks of training into one.....EEK

Several times I thought my brain was going to explode, but it didn't.....quite disappointing really.

The work is in a call centre, not outward calling (cold calling) but inwards calls only....basically the operators act as virtual Receptionist for over three hundred very different companies the length and breadth of NZ plus some in Oz and one in the US.

The company is progressive and looking to expand, so it just gets better and better for me......not only full time but long term with room for improvement !!!   really can't ask for fairer than that even if I am starting on minimum wage.

So life is looking up for a change, which I'm not sorry about........and at long last I am employed !!!

and the real plus? the job doesn't care what I look like, how big I am or the colour of my hair or if I wear make-up or not.

they actually value my life experience.......and that's something you don't get everyday.....

*still smiling*

Some of you will know of my troubles with my many websites over the past 12 months.

Basically they were all obliterated about this time last year when a hacker compromised my server where they were hosted, seeding viruses on several pages and resulting in them being deleted en-masse.

Since then I have been hoping that the server (who was hosting them for free) would get their act together and resume hosting and allow me to re-upload my websites.

That never happened.  Despite repeated promises they obviously have better things to do.

Ah, well....all good thing come to an end.

With that in mind I handed over all the content of my Follyfoot website to some long time fans to continue the legacy. Most of that website's content had been supplied, sourced and written by the fans themselves,  so it made sense to let the fans have it back and create something new with it.

That left my other websites.  One had been online almost continuously since 2001 (Land of the Giants), the other since 2003 (Peter Pan) and my most recent since 2007 (Primeval).

I also had a very comprehensive website for the actor - James Murray. (2.3Gigs of images alone)

Having done my research I picked byethost free web hosting to start creating a new website primarily to provide an archive of my own fanfiction for the different fandoms written over the past thirteen years.

The site limits me to 5 gigs of storage, so it's unlikely that I will be able to do more than a very lite site for James Murray because images just eat storage and devour download limits, so sorry to all James Murray fans, but until something better comes along (bigger free webhosting etc) my former websites with their extensive galleries are now consigned to history. *sniffle*

in the meantime, if you want to revisit any of my romantic adventures (Peter Pan),  time traveling epics (Primeval) or journey to a world of humans surviving in a Giant world (Land of the Giants)  take a peek at my new website archive.


still a work in progress, but it's coming together.......

all the best

Louise x x

My Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary

Parents Diamond Wedding Anniversary
Today my parents aged 83 and 84 respectively, celebrate sixty years of marriage from 1953 - 2013 - their diamond wedding anniversary.  Quite an achievement in this day and age. Mum will tell you that she feels like an endangered species, and no one would suggest that their relationship has been all wine and roses, but for all that they are still living together and not killed each other yet.....so I reckon that's something to celebrate.

and they've been together for as long as the Queen has been on her throne.....so there !!!

love you Mum and Dad..... I hope you will be around for many years yet to come

My Year in Steampunk outfits

Kraken's Lair Whangarei

I may not have written a word, or added a sentence to my outstanding stories, but that hasn't stopped me flexing my creative muscles and putting together a wardrobe of outfits for any occasion during the months of 2012.

Fabrics, lace, ribbons and accessories were all sourced from my local Hospice, SPCA and charity shops around Whangarei. All the outfits (except the black velvet top) were hand sewn from the comfort of my armchair, and the hats created the same way. The only items brought new were my boots, and they were on special !!

click the link to be taken to my Photobucket gallery :-


My Holiday in the High country

Dear All,

Here's a link to a slideshow of my recent trip to the Southern Alps of New Zealand

where I spent ten days on Mt. Somers Station with my daughter.  It was a fabulous farm stay holiday and I have a new appreciation of what it takes to be a shepherd.   I haven't visited the South Island in 35 years, so everything was a novelty, and the scenery was truly spectacular - snowy peaks all around.  Heaven.

Only downside was staying in the single quarters - my girl, plus two male shepherds.   That in itself was a unique experience and one I'm not in a hurry to repeat any time again in my lifetime....even for the sake of my daughter!!

nuff said...........

otherwise it was heaven on earth, and an unforgetable precious time spent with my beautiful girl.

That's my idea of a holiday  x x x x

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